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Nicole is most passionate about being authentic and magnetic and believes her place as an instructor is to teach other women to celebrate and honor their own unique self expression. 

Nicole will guide you through gentle yin postures that will help you on your path of self-awareness. Nicole is passionate about self-love and using the resources we have readily available within ourselves to heal. Yin is a slow and passive style of yoga, where we stay in yoga poses for longer periods of time. Yin is a practice where we use props, breathwork, and meditation. We focus on stretching the deeper connective tissues in our body such as the tendons, ligaments, joints, and fascia. This practice will help improve circulation, flexibility, calm and balance the body & mind, reduce anxiety, release fascia, encourage deeper relaxation, improve joint mobility, and brings balance to the organs. Yin is both healing and strengthening for the body & mind. 

Yoga Instructor

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